Simplifying Risk Assessment

LCAP Advisors is a financial engineering company that specializes in portfolio risk assessment of loans, leases and asset based financing products.

Our services can be used by banks, credit unions, private equity firms and other financial institutions dealing with portfolio loans and leases.

Asset Types

 Residential Mortgage  Consumer Loans  Leases
 Commercial Mortgage  C&I Loans  Asset Backed Financing

Products and Services

 Credit Risk Analysis  Loan Allowance (ALL) Validation
 Cash Flow Modeling  Loan Pricing
 Portfolio Stress Testing  TDR Analysis
 Loan Level Risk Grading  Reporting
 Risk Migration Analysis  

We also provide consulting services and assist our customers with audit or regulatory reviews.

Customer Benefits

 CEO Ensure loan portfolios are managed properly and meet  audit/regulatory requirements
 CFO Manage losses and ALL requirements 
 Marketing & Production Analyze risk and return based on a variety of loan parameters to fine tune marketing & underwriting programs
 Servicing Better management of loan portfolios and proactive loss mitigation strategies

Key benefits include:

  1. Expected losses recognized earlier
  2. Proactive Loss Mitigation strategies based on analysis of loan-level risk
  3. Better information on credit quality of assets
  4. Ability to run stress-test simulations on various economic scenarios
  5. Assess time-based risk sensitivity in portfolio
  6. Provide Feedback mechanism between Marketing, Production, Servicing and Finance desks
  7. Quantitative models compliant with audit and regulatory requirements

"LCAP's Portfolio Risk Assessment tools help clients better manage 
the risk in their loan portfolios and grow their revenue"

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