Products and Services

Comprehensive Risk Analysis of your entire loan & lease portfolio
LCAP Products and Services

Asset Types

  1. Residential Mortgage: Covers 1st and 2nd trust deeds. We analyze performing, non-performing and re-performing assets (modified loans as part of a troubled debt restructure).
  2. Commercial Mortgage: Covers all property types - Retail, Office, Health Care, Multi-family, Industrial, Self Storage etc
  3. Consumer Loans: Covers secured (e.g., Auto and Home Equity Line of Credit) and unsecured (e.g., Credit Card, Student loan and unsecured consumer loan) consumer loans
  4. Commercial & Industrial Loans (Business loans): Covers collateralized and non-collateralized loans
  5. Leases: Covers small-ticket leases (e.g., office automation products)
  6. Asset Backed Financing: Covers short-term loans backed by assets (e.g., receivables, inventory and investments)

Proprietary Tools

  • LCAP's Portfolio Risk Map is like a weather map of your loan portfolio. It maps every loan by its default rate and loss severity. 
    1. The Risk Map can be used for stress-testing of your portfolio (how the risk changes from one economic scenario to the other)
    2. The Risk Map can also be used for performing Risk Migration Analysis - to compare portfolio risk from one period to the other.

Risk Map

  • LCAP's Momentum Grid is a numerical representation of the Risk Map. It shows the # loans and the dollar value of outstanding balance at various risk grades.

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